27th Annual

Garnish Bakeapple Festival


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Bakeapple Festival Dates for 2019

August 3 - 12

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A bit about the Bakeapple and the Festival


A bit about the Bakeapple

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The cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus), also called Bakeapple in Newfoundland and Labrador, Cape Breton Island and southern Nova Scotia, is a slow-growing alpine or sub-Arctic species of Rubus, producing amber-colored edible fruit. The botanical name (chamæmorus) derives from the Greek khamai ("on the ground") and moros ("mulberry"). Cloudberry is the name for both the plant and the fruit. Cloudberry should not be confused with salmonberry, although the fruit looks similar.

The cloudberry grows to 10-25 cm high. The leaves alternate between having 5 and 7 soft, handlike lobes on straight, branchless stalks. After pollination, the white (sometimes reddish-tipped) flowers form raspberry-sized berries. Encapsulating between 5 and 25 drupelets, each fruit is initially pale red, ripening into an amber colour in early

In late July, this tasty fruit attracts hundreds to the marshes around Garnish.  They are most prolific between Garnish and Point Rosie and can be accessed by way of the Garnish-Point Rosie Trail.  Locals have been known to pick as many as 200 gallons in a single season.  You will find them in Bakeapple cheesecakes, Bakeapple pies, among other things, or simply used as a spread on bread

The people of Garnish having been celebrating this tasty fruit with a week long festival of food, fun and music for the entire family.   Former Garnishers and friends come from far an wide to experience the daily breakfast, suppers, musical events, and theatrical events, and so much more.





2019 Planning Committee




Bruce Grandy
Secretary Horatio Cluett
Treasurer Gloria Myles
Communications Holly Cluett / Elroy Grandy
Garnish Municipal Council Yvonne Keeping
Community Center Board Theresa Cluett
Garnish Recreation Commission  
Garnish-Point Trail Assoc. Melissa Grandy
Lions Club Bonnie Inveldt
St. Giles Anglican Church  
United Church Gloria Myles
Salvation Army  
Fire Department Fred Dodge or Designate

2019 marks the 50th  anniversary of the relocation to Garnish of

the good people of Point Rosie, as part of the  Resettlement Program.

Please note an extra day has been added to the schedule to commemorate

that event.    This year's play by Horatio Cluett will also mark the occasion.


Something New and Different


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Schedule For 2019

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Photos From Come Home Year 1989

Ladies sing seriously while Tom Riley and Arthur Cluett crack up the concert crowd while catching trout.


Crowd watches as skilled fishplant workers demonstrate their skills.


Visitors come from far and wide the second week in August. The late Dr. Frank Marsh at right.....

More Pictures coming soon.  Stay tuned.....


Local Accommodations

Long Ridge Cottages 709.826.2626  Telephone Horatio & Theresa Cluett, Garnish, NL
Grand Fairways Resort 709.826.2400   Frenchman's Cove, NL
Frenchman's Cove Provincial Park 709-729-2664   Frenchman's Cove, NL
Hotel Marystown 709.279.3139   Marystown, NL
Ville Marie Hotel 709.279.5566   Marystown, NL
Granny's Motor Inn 709.832.2180   Marystown, NL


Local Attractions

Garnish - Point Rosie Trail

Twenty-four kilometers of  superb ATV / hiking trail that will take you to spectacular scenery along the shoreline of Fortune Bay.  


Grande Meadows Golf Course

A nine-hole course on the shores of  a large freshwater barrisway and Frenchman's Cove Provincial Park


Long Ridge Hiking Trail

Challenging 2 km hike along a high ridge that give a panoramic view of  Garnish, Frenchman's Cove and Fortune Bay.



Garnish Lighthouse

Serving Garnish since 1874.  See the last of its kind, now retired.


       Frenchman's Cove Provincial Park

Beautiful family camping park with playground, swimming and excellent freshwater and saltwater beaches within  walking distance.



For More Information Contact

Garnish Town Hall at



Committee Chair Person Bruce Grandy

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