Proud Garnishers

(Presented in the order photos were taken or received)

Pictured below are just a few of the people of Garnish who have or who are making their mark in the economy, locally, all over Canada  and in countries around the world, because of their occupations.  Also featured, are a few of those who work tirelessly to make our Community what it is today, and whose only reward is personal satisfaction.

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Garnish Lions Club

Front Row (sitting) President Melvin Francis

Second Row (L-R) Enos May, Sarah Walters, Anne Moulton, Dora Cluett, Dorothy Francis

Back Row (L-R) Harold Shoppee, Tim Walters, Connie Jesso, Jess Jesso, Bert Cluett

We Serve!

Since 1974 - The late Steve Grandy was first President.





Salvation Army Officer Greta Oakley nee Banfield now retired and living in Kitchener, Ontario



Greta Hollet Memorial Library Board

(L-R Back Row)  Corina Thorne, Carlson Grandy, Theresa Cluett, Marie Marsh, Lena Grandy, Maureen Dodge, Anne Riley, Leah Sperry .

           Seated at front left is Ann Moulton


Anglican Church Women (ACW)

(Front Row L-R) Anne Evans, Edna May, Lorraine May, Anne Moulton, Dianne Geraghty, Dorothy Francis

(Back Row L-R) Joan Keeping, Susie Grandy, Anne Riley, Doreen Bolt, Elizabeth Ann Cluett, Lena Grandy, Sandra Royale, Meta Marsh


Many thanks to all who participated in the first Town of Garnish Slide Show.  Once we get enough people photos, we'll do one of residents only.  You can see the slideshow at


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